Monday, June 21, 2010

Quilt of Lies
By: Gigi Driggers

The lies you spoke to cover your guilt
where deceitful squares upon your quilt
each one stitched with every thought
to be delivered, sold and bought
the colors of each patch you placed
meant to be seen and jealous laced
what a burden I would have carried
until the day, my body was buried
most quilts are made with love in mind
but yours was made to help you find
a way for your heart to reconcile
a hurt and pain, but your in denial,
the bed you lie in will not keep your warm
she deceives herself with liquid harm
and all I know to do for you is pray
for my love will never go away......
Lord all I ask is to hold him when I'm not there
and let him know that someone did care
I had to move forward for life was cold
a new quilt being stitched for me to hold

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