Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shall We Dance

Shall we dance upon the hollowed ground
as the moon cast shadows on the stones.
The dew drifts in and wraps around our
ankles and our bones.
We begin our midnight waltz
to the unheard music of our souls.
The beauty of the night lingers
as time begins to take its toll.
This dance, this horrible, beautiful dance
we all shall partake.
You can not out run time or out last
So, what better way to look at death then
in its gleaming eyes.
And throw yourself a party and do not
Dear Death, may I have this dance? For I do
not fear your coming.
I knew this day would come, and I shall dance
instead of running.
Death took a bow, and offered up his hand.
I graciously accepted and left the living land.
Some say life is a party, but I think
you have it wrong.
The party is in the dying, and dancing
all night long.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Game
By: Gigi Driggers

I feel at home here among these stones.
There is nothing left but lying bones.
For this is life, we live, we die.
Our dreams are buried beneath the sky.
People come and mourne those they have lost.
Crying tears and knowing the cost.
They should have said those things of heart.
Instead of waiting for the casket cart.
But alas, tis to late to say those things.
Words are for the living and the life they bring.
For the dead may hear your lamented song.
But you cannot undo all you have done wrong.
Your words would have been music to my ears.
If you’d have said them in my living years.
For I do not care now, for what you have to say.
For death is my final card to play.
The game is over, my life is done.
I hold all the aces…..and I’ve finally won.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last posted to my blog. I would like to take this time to give you a few updates.

Some of you know; most of you do not; that my Mother is ill with cancer . I had plans to open my website and had many great things in mind, including short stories, poetry and even a preview of my novel. Life throws you disappointment all the time, and this was and is one of those times.

I have always had a rocky relationship with my Mom. I however have chosen to do my best and be there for all my Mom's treatments and whatever else she will need of me. My Mom never smoked a day in her life. Cancer really does not care to discriminate, even in the vampire world. I will do the things I need to do to support my Mom even if it means I put my needs on the back shelf.

I like most writers, work a full time job and it causes me to travel over a hundred miles a day. So between, working, traveling, taking care of my Mom, there has been little time to do what I love most and that is write. I have many things I want to share. My poetry has certainly gotten me through a lot of the rough times. I will post more of my Gothic poetry to my blog in the coming days. I know that is what you come here to read and I will not disappointment.

Until then, I'll be keeping my fangs sharp.