Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just a little poem I wrote a few years ago. It's part my original collection of gothic poetry.

Little Miss Sunshine
By: Gigi Driggers

Little Miss Sunshine
Went out one day
Over the fields
And far away
She went to find
Love and kisses
Her heart was full
Of hopes and wishes

Along came a man
Strong and bold
Told her she was
His to hold
Her heart he promised
Not to break
Said he was sincere
And not a fake
On his lips he
Confessed his love
He seemed to be
Sent from above

At first things were
Nice and sweet
She found he swept
Her off her feet
But things soon
Began to change
He was acting
Weird and strange
On the phone he’d
Say mean things
That soon began to
Break her wings
He turned into
An evil jerk
And hurt her with
A nasty smirk
Called her psycho
Crazy bitch
Made her think
She was a witch
Upon her soul
She took the blame
When it was his guilt
That lit the flame

Little Miss Sunshine
Could not bare
The hurt and pain
He did not share
She died one day
An emotional death
And sweetness took
It’s long last breath

Now the angel does
Not sing
Because instead she
Found bat wings
She lives another
Kind of life
One with fangs and
A long black knife
For if he raised
His ugly head
She would make
Sure he would be dead

Now the vampiress sings
A new song
And finds that no one
Loves for long
For if they fall
Into her trap
The once strong man
Becomes a sap
For now that sweetness
Is dead a gone
Her heart beats nothing
for no one

She is free to be
What she wishes
She licks her lips,
You look delicious