Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gothic Poetry

Black Crow
by: Gigi Driggers

I will not compare myself
for I think it be absurd
to compare a shiny diamond
to an old black bird

How do you take a sparkling gem
that glitters in the sun
and hold it to a beast of air
that most would only shun

I am not anything
the world would behold
If I were a caged bird
I never would be sold

Yet, if you would look closer
my black feathers hide
the secret of beautiful colors
that shine from deep inside

Sometimes it makes me sad to know
I'm not a diamond ring
for no one cares to listen
when the black crow sings

So I take my hidden beauty
and write upon these pages
and hope the colors you can't see
appear as words for sages.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Calling of the Moon
by: Gigi Driggers

Walking through the mist of night
Looking not to be a fright
Seeking what I can not see
Knowing she is there for me
It is her voice that I always hear
Calling, calling in my ear

My dark mistress I seek your presence
I search for you in evanescence
I do not know how I have become
This creature others find loathsome
But when the moon is full and bright
I want your Aphrodite’s bite
My lust consumes me to the core
I know I have become your whore

How is it I find myself so cold
And yet I know my soul is bold
For who would go out seeking death
Looking for it’s ice cold breath
Just to be with your kindred spirit
Knowing you should really fear it
You will never be able to hide
Your destiny to become the bride
Of darkest souls to walk the earth
And give the night it’s evil birth
It is death coming all to soon
With the calling of the moon
Quilt of Lies
By: Gigi Driggers

The lies you spoke to cover your guilt
where deceitful squares upon your quilt
each one stitched with every thought
to be delivered, sold and bought
the colors of each patch you placed
meant to be seen and jealous laced
what a burden I would have carried
until the day, my body was buried
most quilts are made with love in mind
but yours was made to help you find
a way for your heart to reconcile
a hurt and pain, but your in denial,
the bed you lie in will not keep your warm
she deceives herself with liquid harm
and all I know to do for you is pray
for my love will never go away......
Lord all I ask is to hold him when I'm not there
and let him know that someone did care
I had to move forward for life was cold
a new quilt being stitched for me to hold

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just a little poem I wrote a few years ago. It's part my original collection of gothic poetry.

Little Miss Sunshine
By: Gigi Driggers

Little Miss Sunshine
Went out one day
Over the fields
And far away
She went to find
Love and kisses
Her heart was full
Of hopes and wishes

Along came a man
Strong and bold
Told her she was
His to hold
Her heart he promised
Not to break
Said he was sincere
And not a fake
On his lips he
Confessed his love
He seemed to be
Sent from above

At first things were
Nice and sweet
She found he swept
Her off her feet
But things soon
Began to change
He was acting
Weird and strange
On the phone he’d
Say mean things
That soon began to
Break her wings
He turned into
An evil jerk
And hurt her with
A nasty smirk
Called her psycho
Crazy bitch
Made her think
She was a witch
Upon her soul
She took the blame
When it was his guilt
That lit the flame

Little Miss Sunshine
Could not bare
The hurt and pain
He did not share
She died one day
An emotional death
And sweetness took
It’s long last breath

Now the angel does
Not sing
Because instead she
Found bat wings
She lives another
Kind of life
One with fangs and
A long black knife
For if he raised
His ugly head
She would make
Sure he would be dead

Now the vampiress sings
A new song
And finds that no one
Loves for long
For if they fall
Into her trap
The once strong man
Becomes a sap
For now that sweetness
Is dead a gone
Her heart beats nothing
for no one

She is free to be
What she wishes
She licks her lips,
You look delicious

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventures in the Graveyard at St. Augustine

It has been a while since I've posted to my blog. I have been a very busy vampire. I really had to decide which direction I wanted this blog to take. So, I have decided to take you along for the ride. Being a vampire is not easy, you spend most of your time blending in to society, working your job or jobs and doing the same thing everyone else does on this planet, survive.

I am odd. I like being different. I spent much of my young life trying to fit in to society, then I realized that fitting in was not my calling. As a matter of fact, I have met so many souls who follow what they think they have to do, instead of following their own path. They are miserable. So, I'm odd and I like it, because my path is my own and it is also where I found my voice.

I recently went to St. Augustine, Fl. I went for some research I needed for my next book, but mostly for the relaxation. My friend Barbara went with me and we stayed in one of those great Bed and Breakfast. If you have never been to St. Augustine you will soon learn that the tourist trade is made up of history and legends. The paranormal, or ghost tours are abundant. There is a listing of the top 3 haunted places in America and they are: New Orleans, LA; Savannah, GA and St. Augustine FL.

I am not new to the paranormal. I lived in a haunted house growing up, and then experienced a few others. But I did come to St. Augustine for the research on the local lore so I decided to blend in with the other tourist and join a haunted pub crawl. Barbara had not experienced the paranormal, although I would bet a few of her dates were, and she demanded alcohol if she went, so the pub crawl was perfect. So, off we went with 10 other people. We walked the streets of the old town from one haunted pub to the other, while the story teller told her tales of ghostly encounters. I was amused, people really wished for the experience of a haunting. I did encounter a few spirits, but I usually do and so it's not new to me. They hang out and do their thing and I hang out and do mine. (this blog is not why they are here, nor is this blog about the reasoning behind earth bound spirits, that is for another time.) After the 2 hour tour I was more then ready to go. However, there was one more bit of information I needed and that was where the cemeteries were located. I ask our guide and without hesitation she said, "The Tolomato cemetery is 4 blocks that way and 3 blocks up, but I am not taking you there!" I assured her I did not want her to take me there, I really was interested in visiting it during the day and spending time inside. She told me that no one was allowed inside any of the cemeteries anymore because tourist vandalized them. (How sad, no respect.) She then proceeded to tell me that she would not even go near the Tolomato. She said she had worked for another company before that had ask her to take customers down by the cemetery. She would get a really bad feeling, and always went across the street from the cemetery, she feared she would be attacked so she told them she wouldn't go anymore. They fired her and she went to work for the pub crawl. She said, a lot of women feel that way, so she stays clear of it even in the daytime.

Ok, let me say, I spend a whole lot of time in cemeteries. They are a beautiful, serene place to put your life in perspective. I wholly appreciate them and what they tell us, if we just look for their message. Some are written on tombstones with words of the life lived and some are written in dates of lives cut short. I am not afraid of cemeteries, I do not find them creepy and I am not afraid of earth bound spirits. I do however, have a healthy respect for evil, having met both the living and dead kind. Well, Barbara decided after several drinks that she was going to be brave and ask all the people in our group if they wanted to continue the tour on our own and go to the cemetery, after all it was after midnight a good time to experience the paranormal. All but 2 of our group went and we picked up 5 more on the way.

The cemetery was smaller then I thought it would be and I later learned it actually was larger but the city thought it disrespectful to move graves so they just built over them. So, at any given time while walking the old city you were more then likely standing on someones bones. I did not get any strange feelings there and I did not encounter any spirits that night at the graveyard itself. However, across the street was an old house. No one lives there right now and I kept turning around looking at it. I knew I was being drawn to it for some reason. If you know me at all, you'll know that I look at life differently. Some people might get a creepy feeling and use that fear to keep them from harm. I use that same feeling to find out what life is all about. I walked away from the group, across the street. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I realized I was not alone. I couldn't see what was giving me the feeling, and I wanted to know who or what was there. So, I took out my camera, shot a few pictures of the house and took a few pictures through the window. I knew something didn't want me there but it did not show itself to me so I joined my group across the street. Barbara ask if I got a creepy feeling at the cemetery and I told her no, the creepy feeling I got was from across the street. She has known me for 10 years now, so she knows how serious I take life and that truth is important to me. She immediately said she was ready to go.

I later reviewed my pictures. I found the one taken through the window of the abandoned house had two spirits in it. One was floating and seemed to be a man, however their was a really nasty one screaming at me. I guessed she didn't like the flash of my camera. I have shown it to a few of my friends in the paranormal field and they have all said it is compelling and like nothing they have ever seen. I have shown it to a few friends who have face booked me at 2am telling me they could not sleep after seeing it. Barbara thinks it is too scary to look at, but to unbelievable to look away.

I think it is funny how the ghost guide would walk across the street just so she didn't have to go on the same side of the road as the cemetery, yet it was across the street that houses the hostile spirits. Being a vampire has helped me learn how to handle my emotions, fear, and life in general. My life is an adventure in itself, graveyards are beautiful and spirits rather in a living body or hanging out in a house have a story. Enjoy your moments and embrace the unknown as a way of seeing the universe as a bigger picture. I just know I want my life is be about how I lived it and not about being a picture on someones camera.